Demonic bullying

Eowyn Stoddard (and her husband and family) is a missionary in Germany. She writes a little bit about her experiences with the demonic while teaching the Bible and preaching the gospel to Germans.


Snowball’s chance in hell

Just a random musing:

Many people in the world have claimed to have had uncanny experiences (e.g. dreams which came true, visions of entities or events they could not have otherwise known, NDEs, OBEs). I’m sure at least some of these uncanny experiences are veridical experiences. By which I don’t mean hallucinations or the like, but by which I do mean real experiences. Experiences which aren’t reducible to the brain, but experiences which have a basis in an external reality.

As such, it’s no wonder the vast majority of people in the world (let alone down through history) aren’t atheists. Atheism is just so inconsistent with many people’s firsthand experiences or the firsthand experiences of people they know and trust.

I suspect atheism is most common among intellectuals. However, intellectuals are the ones who tend to spend most of their time in ivory towers, shuffling from one lecture hall or conference to another, traveling in air-conditioned planes, cars, etc. They’ve isolated themselves in their own little bubble-world. The possibility that the uncanny or miraculous might be real is to them like a sub-Saharan African tribesman of yesteryear hearing about snow.