Mixed signals

1. On the one hand, New Zealand students perform the haka in response to the Christchurch mass shootings. It’s been retweeted many times. Traditionally, the haka has been part of Maori battle preparation. My understanding is the haka is a potent cultural symbol in New Zealand today, representing (one might say) defiance, strength, battle-readiness, and the like.

On the other hand, New Zealand is already strict with gun control, but they got even stricter with gun control.

Prima facie, these two events would seem to send mixed signals: we are standing strong against mass shooters by disarming ourselves.

2. At the same time, perhaps this illustrates how the ruling class (in this case the New Zealand government) is so out of touch with common people. The ruling class’s idea of defiance is not the same as the common person’s idea of defiance.

3. Likewise, perhaps this illustrates how some kids have a more sensible instinctive reaction than some adults. It’s as if one needs to be taught to disarm in the face of danger and violence, brutality and murder. It doesn’t come naturally.

4. At best, given what New Zealand has done to disarm its people, all this is empty rhetoric and vain posturing. People can be angry about what happened, people can march and protest, people can perform battle cries and so on, but what prevents another mass shooting from happening again? It only takes one willing and able person to buy a few guns on the black market. Most Kiwis will be sitting ducks.

5. Indeed, restricting guns in a nation that has already effectively restricted guns isn’t going to help much. As the age old quip says: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

White supremacists and mass gun shootings

CNN has a list of the deadliest mass shootings in US history.

How many mass shootings in the US have been motivated by white supremacism?

According to the CNN list, unless I missed it, I think there have been (arguably) a total of two mass shootings motivated by white supremacism: the Charleston church shootings (2015) that left 9 black church members dead and the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings (2018) that left 11 Jews dead.

(It sounds like experts don’t know what motivated the perpetrator behind the Las Vegas mass shootings which is the #1 worst mass shooting in US history. However, it couldn’t have been white supremacy inasmuch as the perpetrator murdered lots of white people.)

Top 10

Neither the Charleston nor Pittsburgh massacres are in the top 10 of the deadliest mass gun shootings in the US. In fact, neither are in the top 20. Pittsburgh is #22, while Charleston is #26. As of this date, CNN lists a total of 37 mass shootings.

Charleston and Pittsburgh

Now, I think the Charleston church shootings were indeed motivated by racism. A white boy wanted to kill black churchgoers. That said, I have heard the perpetrator say things that could be construed to be pro-Asian. So it’s possibly more complicated than the simple narrative that he was a racist white supremacist.

In the case of the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings, it should be said anti-Semitism is not necessarily identical to white supremacy. Sure, both often go hand-in-hand, but they’re not necessarily one and the same. Indeed, weren’t most the Jews killed white Jews?

White fight

By contrast, judging by their lengthy personal manifestos, Anders Breivik and (it seems) Brenton Tarrant are white supremacists. Both seemed to have given considerably more thought to their actions than either the Charleston or Pittsburgh shooters. Breivik and Tarrant were more calculated, more prepared, more deliberate, and the like.

Breivik left 77 dead, while Tarrant left 49 dead (and counting?).

Breivik left more dead than any massacre in the US, while Tarrant has equaled the #2 spot in the United States and might even surpass it.

Progressive nations

Interestingly, both are Breivik (Norway) and Tarrant (New Zealand) operated in nations well-known to be liberal/progressive. In fact, these are two nations that American progressives like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wish the United States would emulate.

Perhaps this is just a coincidence. Or, perhaps, does it say something about where white supremacy really thrives? Where the hotbed of white nationalism and supremacy truly lies? That is, right under the noses of the most progressive nations in the world. Perhaps, as David Wood argues, if progressives refuse to allow reasonable and civil debate, but rather shut down any opposing or contrary opinions, then their own citizens will have no way to make their political, social, and related grievances known except via violence and calls for revolution.

For example, if some or many citizens believe Muslim “refugees” need to be better vetted before being admitted into their nation, but progressives respond by calling them Islamophobic, stupid, immoral, and otherwise shaming them and shouting them down, then what outlet do they have so that they can make their concerns known? If progressives have refused to have a reasonable and civil debate about an issue, and instead shame and shout down the other side, then what other recourse do dissenting citizens have except to take matters into their own hands?

Democracy dies when politics becomes one-sided.


Trump is supposed to be the face of white supremacy.

However, the Charleston mass shootings was under Obama’s watch.

In addition, let’s note the perpetrator of the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings dislikes Trump, considers Trump a “globalist” who is ruining the United States, and has said: “For the record, I did not vote for [Trump] nor have I owned, worn or even touched a MAGA hat.”

Airing grievances

The main reason Trump won the American presidency is because he was able to win over the Rust Belt states. He was able to persuade them to vote for him rather than the Democrats as they had done for years and years. Many Americans living in the Rust Belt states felt that they couldn’t get a fair hearing to air their grievances. Not until Trump came along and said he’d fight for them. And, so far, he has.

However, in a nation where even the “conservative” party isn’t truly conservative, where it’s essentially voting for stronger vs. weaker shades of progressivism, then it may not be possible for conservatives to make their voices heard in the political system of their nation. That could boil over into violence and revolution if they feel they can’t vent their frustrations anywhere else.

Blacks and Jews

Given the Charleston and Pittsburgh mass shootings, it looks like American white supremacists target Jews and blacks rather than (say) Muslims. In fact, white Jews and black Christians.

I don’t see any mass shootings on the CNN list that specifically single out Muslims as targets. So far, Muslims have been safe from mass shootings in the US. Safer than white Jews and black Christians have been.


In fact, it’s the other way around: Muslims target Americans. The current #2 spot for deadliest mass shootings in US history is the Orlando mass shootings. This was committed by a lone Muslim gunman motivated by radical Islam.

Likewise the San Bernardino mass shootings were committed by devotees of Islam.

Same goes for the Fort Hood mass shootings committed by a radicalized American Muslim.

And Muslims don’t only target Americans, but other Westerners. The most obvious one is the Paris attacks in 2015 which left 130 dead. But there have been many others. It’s easy enough to Google.

Christchurch and Sutherland Springs


The Christchurch mosque mass shootings occurred at the Al Noor mosque and the Linwood mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to Google Maps, the shortest drive between the mosques would take 12 minutes. The distance between the two mosques on the Google Maps route I saw is 7 kilometers or ~4.5 miles. The shooter (Brenton Tarrant) was able to drive between these two mosques and murder 49 people and injure 42 (at last count) more before police could respond.

Compare that to the Sutherland Springs church mass shootings in Texas which left 27 dead and 20 injured. An American citizen (Stephen Willeford) armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and hitting the shooter (Devin Kelley) with two bullets – first in the leg and second in the shooter’s left torso under his tactical gear – and another American citizen (Johnnie Langendorff) chasing the shooter in his pickup truck, were able to stop the shooter who had purportedly planned to drive to another church and do the same. Cops arrived at the scene afterwards.

Christchurch mass shooting

A few thoughts:

In cold blood

Of course, I don’t condone any of this. Murder is wrong.

Who’s protected by progressives?

That said, if Western progressive politicians enact policies and laws which continue to strongly favor and even protect Muslims (e.g. accepting tons of Muslim refugees, allowing Muslims sharia in Western cities), while at the same time continue to denigrate and disempower large swathes of their own citizens whom they ought protect but quite clearly don’t (e.g. white males), is it any surprise that some citizens will take matters into their own hands? It’s as if progressive politicians are goading their citizens to conform and acquiescence to progressive politics – or else! Many chafe against this, to say the least.

Bloody Aussies

The mass shooter, Brenton Tarrant, is an Australian. How could an Australian obtain a gun? I thought guns were effectively banned in Australia! Surely an Australian could never go on a mass shooting spree like in the United States where it happens 24/7/365. After all, Australia hasn’t had a single mass shooting since it banned guns. /sarcasm

Lion mama

Mother stabs rapist to death after catching him attacking her daughter

Summary: In S. Africa, a 57-year-old mother caught three men taking turns raping her 27-year-old daughter. She attacked all of them with a kitchen knife. She killed one of them and left the other two severely injured.

Comment: If the mother didn’t have a knife, then she couldn’t have saved her daughter. In fact, she herself may have been murdered. If she had a gun, and knew how to use it, then maybe she could’ve killed all three of the assailants and rapists. Weapons help equalize unequal fights.

Docs vs. glocks


As many know, there’s been a recent brouhaha between the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the National Rifle Association (NRA). Many doctors are in a tizzy because the NRA told them to “stay in their lane” when it comes to discussing guns, i.e., doctors should stick to practicing medicine rather than advocating gun control or gun restriction.

Here are my thoughts:

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London bans knives

Apparently London’s murder rate has surpassed NYC’s murder rate. Despite, of course, guns having been banned in London for decades. Perhaps over half a century.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, responds with the only rational response possible – by banning knives!

1. Indeed, it’s obvious the UK’s National Butterknife Association has blood on their hands. A day of reckoning will come for them.

And it won’t end there. No, sir! Soon we will pry their spatulas, ladles, jellyspoons, and other assorted kitchen utensils from their cold, dead hands.

2. On a slightly more serious note, since “the full force of the law” in the UK seems to minimize crime penalties, one might be better off carrying a knife for self-defense (given the apparent increase in London violent crime rates) even if one risks getting caught by the London police. In other words, I think I’d be more concerned about what violent criminals in London will do to you if you are defenseless than what the London police will do to you if they find you carrying a knife.

50 most violent cities in the world



It looks like four of the most violent cities in the world are here in the United States:

#13 – St. Louis, Missouri
#21 – Baltimore, Maryland
#41 – New Orleans, Louisiana
#42 – Detroit, Michigan

All four cities are predominantly liberal or left-wing run governments. For example, take the mayors. The current mayor of St. Louis is Lyda Krewson, the current mayor of Baltimore is Catherine Pugh, the current mayor of New Orleans is Mitch Landrieu, and the current mayor of Detroit is Mike Duggan. All four mayors are in the Democratic Party. If I’m not mistaken, these four cities have largely been in Democratic Party hands for years if not decades. That, in turn, would likely mean stricter gun control laws or policies have been in place in these cities for quite some time now.

L.A. burning

At the beginning, I can see the LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] vehicle. With like, three, four officers were there. So, “Oh, we have the police here, we are safe!” But as soon as the gun fighting started, they ran away. Goodbye! So, uh-oh. We are on our own.