Asian Rough Rider

The Asian Rough Rider is a blog I recently came across (thanks to Steve Hays over at Triablogue). Really enjoying his thoughts. Definitely worth checking out his stuff! See his post on John Chau for starters: “The Death of John Allen Chau: Rough Rider or Reject“. And he’s a missionary in Southeast Asia, so mad respek for him and what he’s doing to bring truth and light to people!

4 thoughts on “Asian Rough Rider

    • Thanks, bro! 🙂 You’re doing awesome work for the Lord, huge props to you! And it’s also just cool to find another fellow Asian-American Christian (I’m mixed East Asian and Southeast Asian too) – I definitely look forward to all the good stuff you’ll be writing about and adventures you’ll be on!

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  1. Let’s connect for reals though…always encouraging to meet another Asian-American Christian leader. There’s not alot of thinkers, writers and missional practitioners within our demographic. So from my fingers to my phone, on a bus with chickens underneath and my motorbike on top, while weaving around potholes on a road in the middle of Southeast Asia – much peace to you!

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    • Sweet, I’ll email you when I’m home again! God willing, I’d love to visit Southeast Asia on a Christian medical missions trip if possible someday and see the kind of work godly men like you are doing! Your writing here is so poetic too, beautiful. 🙂

      I should say however I’m definitely no leader or thinker or missional practioner or anything special, I’m just some dude blogging his random and lame thoughts! Lol. 🙂


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