Blood and soil


A major premise of the alt-right is that culture is inseparable from race. In particular, Western culture is inseparable from the white race.

By Western culture, the alt-right mean Western civilization. The alt-right seem to use culture and civilization interchangeably.

By the white race, the alt-right mean (as they say on their website) the Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic, Latin, Nordic, and Slavic peoples in Europe. In addition, the alt-right purport to define “white” in terms of genetics. The aforementioned peoples are genetically “white”, according to the alt-right.

In short, the alt-right believe white peoples have created all the glories of what constitutes Western civilization, while other races have not. In fact, the alt-right regard some races/cultures as inferior to their own. For instance, the alt-right think blacks aren’t as intelligent as whites or other races and that blacks are prone to physical violence and crime in general.


There are many problems here. I’ll just mention a few for now.

1. The obvious fact that this is a racist ideology, by which I mean the assumption that one people-group is superior or inferior to another people-group based on nothing else save their race and ethnicity. That’s inherent in the alt-right’s ideology.

2. The illogical correlation between race and culture. It’s simply assumed race and culture are tightly correlated to one another. But to my knowledge there’s no good argument for why the two ought to be bound together. Whites have had different cultures depending on time and/or place. There’s no monolithic or homogeneous white culture or civilization. For example, whites have had barbaric pagan cultures as well as Christian culture.

3. Ironically, the alt-right look at race and ethnicity as groups, just like the left does. What’s most fundamental isn’t the individuals within the groups, but rather the group identity as a whole. The alt-right believes each race and ethnicity ought to stay within its own racial and ethnic boundaries. That’s at least as divisive as the left’s identity politics, to say the least.

4. Let’s look back to the height of the Egyptian empire. When Egypt ruled much of the known world. When whites were largely barbarians. Suppose the Egyptians said it’s the Egyptians who have created all the glories of civilization, while they thought whites (if they knew about whites) were nothing more than tree and rock worshiping forest dwellers. If the alt-right ideology is correct, would this mean white culture was once regressive or worse? Given the alt-right’s ideology, would this mean Egyptians at the time were racially and culturally superior to whites?

5. Suppose we live in the near future where America retains only the best of Western civilization such that the best Western beliefs and values reign in America. But suppose whites are a minority and suppose whites are now all of the radical left. Suppose instead it’s Jews, Asians, Hispanics, blacks, and Native Amreicans who most cherish Western beliefs and values in America. How then would the alt-right argue the white race and Western civilization are inextricably bound together?

6. How was Western civilization built? It seems to me it was built in part by whites taking the best of other races and cultures and making it their own as well as other races contributing to Western civilization. However, if we must single out only one group for commendation in the rise of Western civilization, I would think it’d have to be Christians. Christians of any race or ethnicity. Christians from various cultures. But Christians who have shared beliefs and values based on the Bible. Protecting the weak, giving to the poor, considering women morally equal, respecting and caring for the elderly, building hospitals and hospices, ensuring justice in a community, valuing all humans simply because they are humans created in God’s image, and so on.

7. I’ll stop here for now. In the future, I might talk about other aspects. Such as the scientific issues with the alt-right’s beliefs about race, genetics, and the like.

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